Torque Command, how does this works?

I would like to congratulate for the initiative. I am looking for a BLDC drive and ODrive seens to be exactly what I need.
Now, to the point. Does the Torque command feature works? Can I send a PWM signal, or maybe a serial command with desired torque and the motor will spin at a relatively fixed acceleration?

To contextualize a little bit the situation, I am looking forward to implement a CNC command system for control teaching class. Although motor drives with velocity closed loops are more common to implement this, it would be interesting to have the option of torque command, meaning that only the current loop will be performed by the drive.

With my best regards,

Carlos Novaes

Thank you!

Yes there is a torque command (actually it is called current command: motor current is proportional to torque). There will be support for PWM input, but it is not implemented yet. Right now you can send commands over USB.