Torque control mode in braking direction

Greetings, I have a question about using torque control mode
I have a simple setup, a motor is driving load in torque control mode
I do the following

  1. from stationery position I drive the load with a constant torque, velocity goes up
  2. after a certain period of time I change the torque to the opposite with the same magnitude
    what I observe is that the torque in the braking direction is weaker than the drive direction, is it limited somewhere? if so can we remove this limit, I can operate from a batter and it can absorb any amount of energy

The braking will be limited by the torque limit, the current limit, and the bus voltage if the bus voltage control is enabled.

Set up the regen_current and dc_max_negative_current, with no braking resistor, and you’re all set.