Torque @ max rpm and duty cycle for D5065


I want to use a D5065 for a setup that needs 8000 rpm @ 1.99 Nm (max torque in the datasheet).

I have two questions:

  1. I see in the datasheet a graph (Torque derating). What does this exactly mean/show? Does it mean that with forced cooling you can get max torque at 75% of the speed… or does it show a duty cycle?

  2. Would it be possible to run the motor continuesly with forced cooling at 8000 rpm with max torque or is there a duty cycle?


8000rprm at 7 pole pairs is 933 hz, that is significantly above the max ODrive 3.x speed of ~ 600Hz. I doubt you’ll be able to achieve this.

There’s a couple forum posts where people have tested the achievable continuous torque on the D5065. A forum search should bring them up

thx wetmelon for the reply. That is good to know. I only looked at the RPM specs of the motor…

I searched and found some topics about heat but not specific for torque at max speed. If you could point me to one would appreciate it.

Could you recommend a motor and controller that could meet my specs? Or would a better option be to go with a gearbox to increase the RPM’s


@I-Connect I just ran into the torque derating curve and posted a detailed topic here if you’re still looking for info.