Trapezoidal speed control

Is that a thing?
from what I read it seems Trapezoidal control is only for the position control.

Yes, although we’re just calling it “velocity ramp”. It will be introduced with the next major build of the firmware.

@Wetmelon Sounds great!
Just to be clear - the velocity ramp is for controlling the velocity of the motor just like in velocity control mode but with planing? Or did you mean that the velocity ramp is for controlling the planned position control acceleration or something similar?

If you command a step in velocity, it ramps from the current velocity to a new velocity. So it behaves just like the velocity ramping in trapezoidal position control, but it doesn’t care about position

Is it available in the last release?

Not yet. I’m hoping we can have it done and released by the new year, if I work fast :stuck_out_tongue:

Just another question - is there a way to command acceleration? So that the motor doesn’t mind the velocity, just the acceleration

Yes, just use the current control. Current is roughly proportional to acceleration.