Trouble putting device into DFU mode

Hi, I try to upgrade my firmware with the dfu tool. After running “odrivetool dfu”, it gave the following:

ODrive control utility v0.4.11
Waiting for ODrive…
Found ODrive 207D379D3548 (v3.5-48V) with firmware v0.4.7-dev
Checking online for newest firmware… found v0.4.11
Downloading firmware v0.4.11…
Saving configuration to /tmp/odrive-config-207D379D3548.json…
The file /tmp/odrive-config-207D379D3548.json already exists. Do you want to override it? [Y/n] y
Configuration saved.
Putting device 207D379D3548 into DFU mode…

Seemingly it has issue putting the device into DFU mode. Can anybody help?

Just try to upgrade my backup Odrive (same version and voltage) with the same linux PC and it worked. I assume that it is a hardware issue.

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We’re not entirely sure why but some drives have trouble with DFU mode. Perhaps try an STlink and flashing directly?