Turning hub motor wheels manually for longer


When I turn my hub motor wheels manually the light on ODRIVE turns on. Also the light of my other sensors, which are powered by ODRIVE, are blinking. So I guess the energy generated by the wheels flows into the boards.

Can I damage ODRIVE when turning wheels manually for longer? (When ODRIVE is turned off and on)

Also is there a way to disable powering ODRIVE by the hub motor? Or at least powering the other sensors powered by ODRIVE?



The ODrive will regenerate power from the wheels onto the DC bus at a voltage corresponding to the back-emf of the wheel at that speed, you cannot stop this.
If the current draw from the rest of the circuit is low (3A or less), this should not damage the ODrive.

The only way to avoid this is to disconnect the DC+ wire from the ODrive.

Thanks for your reply. I am powering up a Jetson Nano by ODRIVE on 5V pin. The max current draw is 3A. But not sure if I can damage Jetson Nano. Maybe I should consider a separate power supply for Jetson Nano and other connected boards for the moment.

By the way, I have a brake resistor connected to my ODRIVE and I don’t want to have the regenerate power flowing into my battery. What’s the config so that the power goes into the brake resistor only and not flowing back into the battery?

This is the default configuration. Set odrv0.config.enable_brake_resistor = True and set the resistance.

Amazing, thanks a lot :slight_smile: