UART parameters calibration

Can i change parameters and make calibration via UART from arduino board?

You can change the tuning parameter from arduino code, but not the other mandatory configuration settings, at least not today.

will you make GUI for tuning parameters and calibration for PC?

I’d like use your driver in cablecam project
How can user to calibrate Encoder? Can it be done within arduino?
Or it should be calibrate manually, write data in level.c and configurate project and flash board? It is difficult and comfortless for end user.
I’d like design the cablecam within arduini, that user can personalize motor parameters and (if calibrate will go cold) can calibrate with my arduini interface.

There is a plan for a GUI, we expect to have something in about 2 months from now.

What parameters can be set on startup with UART/Arduino. I am wanting to change the CPR and select the appropriate pole pair for my project but it seems “W axisN.motor.config.pole_pairs Val” does not work.

Are these only able to be set in Odrivetool python then saved and run on Arduino?

Have you replaced N and Val with the appropriate values and sent a \n at the end?

N is which motor I’m writing to (0 or 1) and Val is the value I input.

void ODriveArduino::SetPolePairs(int motor_number, int pole_paris)
    serial_ << "w axis" << motor_number << ".motor.pole_pairs " << pole_paris << '\n';

void ODriveArduino::SetEncoderCpr(int motor_number, int cpr)
    serial_ << "w axis" << motor_number << ".encoder.cpr " << cpr << '\n';

I fairly confident I’m writing correctly. Im am looking for confirmation whether this is possible through the STM UART cmds.

What you have appears to be correct.

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