Unable to establish communication with Odrive

Facing a technical issue in communication with Odrive:

  1. Odrive is not connecting to the Laptop (Odrivetool software) through the external USB port.

  2. Serial Communication (UART) is not established between external controller(Arduino) and Odrive.

Tried debugging the internal electronic connections of board through the schematic layout, but couldn’t identify the problem.

Are you using Arduino Nano ? If so ,Serial communication will probably not work, since Arduino Nano has only 2 Serial Pins (0 and 1) that are used for communication with the computer.

@Utkarsha is there a green LED on the ODrive?

Can you check that the power, +5V, and +3.3V all read correctly?

Have you tried connecting to the PC with the RUN/DFU switch in “DFU”?

No we are using Arduino Mega