USB comms fail after failed upgrade

Hi guys…

I tried the Odrive update with DFU and after asking Zadig to chande the drive it continued and then failed…

after this, the USB seems deat if i try to conect the board to the pc
i succesfully uploaded the firmware by forcing DFU using the cube software
the shut down the board, return the switch to run, but USB is completely dead, not recognized by windows

any ideas?

yes this unit has been purchased from ODRIVE directly

I need some help, can someone please give me an idea, i am about to scy… a bit…

If you have a raspberry pi, you could try using that. It works so much more reliably than windows.

But tbh it sounds like you may have erased the bootloader. In which case you will need to connect a STM32 programmer to the SWD pins (any ST nucleo board can be used as a programmer)

Yeah, I would agree… try flashing with the STLink and then see if Zadig can help. If you still have problems, try 0.5.1 firmware (also flashed via STLink) instead.