Using 12v NEO brushless motors with o-drive

Hello, does anyone have experience using 12v motors (specifically NEO brushless) with the 24v o-drives? Would powering the board with 24v harm the motors?

The motor specs can be found here:


These motors will work, although to get the best positioning performance and low torque-ripple out of ODrive, you should really use an encoder. Hall sensors offer very low resolution, especially for low pole-count motors.

24V (or even 56V) will not damage the motors, unless you overspeed them. But you can still run the 24V (or 56V) ODrive at a lower voltage if you want to, too.

Also beware that 108A is pushing the current limit of ODrive. If you use a lower “Kv” motor, then you can get the same torque for less current, although you need a higher voltage to get the same speed. But it works out more efficient, because resistive losses go as I^2 R.
At 100A, there is a lot of resistive losses in the MOSFETs, never mind the motor.