Using a Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone

Since linux seems to be the preferred OS for the ODrive could I use a Raspberry Pi Or Beaglebone (I have a couple of both) to connect to the Odrive?

One day we will have it working well on Windows too ;D

But yeah, while I haven’t tried it, I believe that an Rpi or BB should work with the Linux instructions.

Great, That’s my project for tonight!

As I am going through the setup guide I was able to download the ODriveFirmware. without a hitch. But for the rest of the prerequisites I get when I type
sudo apt-get install
I get
Unable to locate package gcc-arm-none-eabi

Any Ideas?

Unless you want to compile the firmware on the BB or RPi for a specific reason, I would suggest that you compile and flash the firmware from your PC.
Then you just do the USB commands from the BB and RPi.

the parameter to apt-get is always a package name, never a URL

to install a package from launchpad, you can do a couple of things

  1. create a new source repo and then install the package

  2. download the specific .deb package and install that.

the URL you list is something I don’t have permission to access, which makes it a little hard to help you :slight_smile:
It’s possible that the cross compiler isn’t available to run on the pi

but on my pi, I can find the package

do an apt-get update before you try to install any packages

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OK. I decided to punt. But I seem to be missing a step when flashing the firmware. I run “make gdb” and also “make gdb -f” what am I missing? It was working before I am just having old timers disease.

The instructions say to run make flash.

I don’t want to sound dense, but I was looking all over the getting started readme and actually all over, Where is that instruction? Maybe It will help me later.

which is part of the Firmware readme:

I see it now. My eye just kept jumping down to the next section. I must be losing my mind.
I was looking for an embarrassed emoji but could not find one.

Thanks for taking the time.