Using commande with ascii protocol

Hi all!
first sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

I use a 3.6 Odrive and an esp32 to control it.
I am able to use a lot of commande and allmost whatever I want.
But the issue come when I try to use fonctions, the odrive simply don’t take it.
here it work but when I try to use this one it don’t:
odrv0.axis0.encoder.set_linear_count(0) (over USB It work as I want)
any idea to use this function

I believe that right now we don’t support calling functions over ASCII, but I’ll check in on that. You might try just running w axis0.encoder.set_linear_count 0

THX for the answer
I tried but it don’t work, and yes I had see that ascii don’t support it but I can’t remember where.Is there any other way to reset the coder count without having the motor runnig?

Can you just keep track of the count on your Arduino and apply an offset?

I can’t ,I use the mirror mode and to be able to do what I want I need to reset the count.