Using JVL quickstep motors with Odrive

Hi all,

First time ever messing with steppermotors, so forgive my lack of knowledge.

I am currently finishing my engineering degree in mechanical engineering, and for my final project I am converting an ordinary lathe, into a lathe with power feed.

I wish to use two steppermotors and have, through sponsorship of a company, acquired two MIS232A1M5H275 quickstep motors from JVL.
These seem to have integrated drivers, so is the Odrive even needed? Has anyone used JVL quickstep motors with their Odrive?

Any help is appreciated! Have a great week people! :smiley:

Not only is ODrive not needed, it can’t drive steppers.

ODrive cannot be used with 2-phase motors (95%+ of stepper motors)
Of course, if these things have integrated stepper drives, there’s nothing stopping you from using them as part of the same multi-axis system (with ODrive controlling the larger axes of a robot, and the steppers near the end-effector for example) - you’d need to write a Python program (or ROS config) that uses both the ODrive and JVL drivers.

ODrive can handle a few kW of power, so it’s probably big enough to run the spindle of the lathe (with a suitabke motor), plus the main leadscrew. Your steppers could power the crossfeed and tool post, perhaps.

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Thanks for the quick response

Thank you for the thorough explanation. I do however have my concerns using the JVL steppers, as they are probably setup to use their proprietary software, which could limit my customization.

A fellow student suggested using steppers with encoders and use a arduino shield, and then program the whole thing in arduino. The main goal is two move the leadscrew and the crossfeed. There is no integration with the lathes spindle for this project.