Using the LitePlacer


also, how do you like the LitePlacer?

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The hardware is decent, especially with the ODrive upgrade. The LitePlacer software is almost not usable; I will try OpenPnP for the next prototype run.

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Very cool that you’re producing these yourself! Noisebridge has a LitePlacer as well, once you try OpenPnP let us know which one you prefer. Also, the Github repo is still on v3.3, it would be nice to be able to check the schematics.

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The LitePlacer software is almost not usable

Please give feedback!


I think the main issue is that it is under-maintained. There are enough features, but it’s glitchy and crashes often. Especially the camera input related stuff.

I had a look in the code and it seems everything runs on the GUI thread loop, which gets blocked by every command sequence sent to the Tiny-G. This means you can’t change unrelated UI elements while some actions are running. Also if you interrupt the placing routine the system state seems very unstable.

Also looking at the code, it’s a huge mess in a single huge file. I couldn’t tell if it was the case because it was hard to get an overview for this reason, but my guess is there is no clear sparation of concerns or well-defined state machines for the components.

To be maintainable and more stable there needs to be a complete rewrite. But at that point, why not just implement the LitePlacer specific features by small changes/plugins on top of OpenPnP which is maintained by more people than just yourself. Then you get the benefit of the stability that more developer man-power brings.