V3.4 Firmware Update Mistake

I tried upgrading the firmware on my V3.4 ODrive using “odrivetool dfu” and followed the instructions to replace the STM32 BOOTLOADER driver using Zadig. Later I read that this protocol only works for newer versions. Now the ODrive 3.4 Native Interface is gone and was replaced by the STM 32 BOOTLOADER. I do not have the STLink/v2 programmer. What options do I have to fix this issue?

If you have the STM32 bootloader, you can simply flash a new firmware with odrivetool dfu

You may be able to try an “alternative DFU tool” (see https://docs.odriverobotics.com/odrivetool#device-firmware-update). I’m not sure that will work on 3.4, though. If it does not, then your only recourse is to get an STLink v2 and flash via the debug header