Vbus voltage problem

Hi when i do odrv0. get the vbus voltage alway is 12.0 float.
Is there anything wrong? anything i can check?

Are you using a 12V power supply? :stuck_out_tongue:
If so, nothing is wrong.

What value were you expecting?

i using 24v power supply

Maybe you have compiled the firmware for the wrong variant of the board. If you have the 56V version but flashed firmware for the 24V version, then you’ll see lower values for VBus.

Have you ever reflashed this board? If so, check tup.config

i am 24v version.
reflashed already.
check tup.config what?

Hi Jay, which ODrive do you have?

i follow the document from https://docs.odriverobotics.com/
using the vs code https://docs.odriverobotics.com/configuring-vscode
until Flashing the firmware. everything ok but in the odrivetool no response. and when plug in the usb no response at pc.

Thank You

Hi Jay, we recently discovered that the “Link Time Optimization” is broken on devel. Please set CONFIG_USE_LTO=false in your tup.config file.