Vibrating Close Loop Control Issue

I use 48v 1000w motor 70nm tork
also ı had a issue with hoverboard motor also
my vel_gain=3

Your gains might be too high, following this tuning guide should help with these vibrations. If not, could you please provide the motor datasheet?

I tried but ı cant solve it, ı want the motor hold so tight, ı dont want move without joystick command because my car is around 200kg and there is a lot ossilation on car because of close loop, also can ı use that motor without close loop like e bike?
currently ı use this motor

Hey Samet,

Hall sensors typically can’t be used for position control due to the extremely low resolution.

However, it looks like there’s an additional 4096 CPR quadrature encoder, which can be used in conjunction with the hall sensors on ODrive S1 and Pro. Those would be wired to the quadrature A/B inputs, with the commutation encoder set to incremental (and the correct cpr programmed, etc - it may be 1024 CPR, you’ll have to test). This should be fairly straightforward to set up in the GUI - just select “use a separate commutation encoder” in the encoder setup step, with the incremental used for load and the halls used for commutation. This will give much more precise control than hall sensors alone, likely enough for accurate and stiff position hold.

If you’re looking for an EV-like control scheme, I’d recommend trying torque control mode - that’ll work fine with the hall sensors alone.

Note that dual encoders are not supported on ODrive v3.6.

thanks, torque control is fine but ı want close loop control because my car is remote control and when ı release the transmitter car should have braking always

Hey Samat,

Sounds like you should use the quadrature encoder in conjunction with the hall sensors - with the halls as the commutation encoder and the quadrature as the load encoder. This should be pretty straightforward to set up in the GUI. That’ll give you good velocity hold characteristics.

ı cant use gui because ı haev odesc 3.6 with 5.1 fw, when ı increase vel_gain and vel_integrator_gain its okey, but when that values 0 , motor cant move with vel command.

ODESC - as in this is a non-genuine ODrive?