Vibrations with a small physical impact on odrive v3.6 0.5.4

I have set up a constant smooth and precise movement based on odrive v3.6. The movement itself is perfect, but the problem is that with a small physical impact on the axis, it starts to vibrate, how to fix it? My motor: H6368 190kw, encoder: TLE5012B. Firmware version 0.5.4

My configuration is:
odrv0.axis1.trap_trap.config.vel_limit = 1.0
odrv0.axis1.trap_trap.config.accel_limit =0.5
odrv0.axis1.trap_trap.config.decel_limit= 0.5
odrv0.axis 1.controller.config.vel_gain=1.5
odrv0.axis1.controller.config.control_mode =CONTROL_MODE_POSITION_CONTROL
o drv 0.axis 1.encoder.config.bandwidth = 4000

Hi Amir,

This is likely an issue with your gains tuning - you could try reducing your pos or vel gains.

Additionally, your encoder bandwidth is set extremely high, so any noise won’t be filtered out. We generally recommend an encoder bandwidth of 1000 for most applications with high-resolution encoders.