Water cooling for Odrive

We plan To run the Odrive continues at around 100A. Do anyone have any suggestions on water cooling which can be used on the mosfets?


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I would suggest to try air cooling first, because you will need airflow over the board anyway even if you watercool. The reason is that a lot of heat is conducted into the PCB copper polygons from the FETs.

That said, should you really want to watercool anyway, I would recommend something like this. It’s a little bigger than would be ideal, but it’s what I could find.

You can zip-tie it in this orientation:

Thanks @madcowswe!
So a combo would be a good solution? a watecooling block + a small fan for the pcb? :slight_smile:

But I will look for something smaller than that :smiley:

Water cooling the epoxy would be a bad idea.these mosfets are designed to be cooled from the metal plate underneath instead of water cooling from above.
And you will not have a good result bcz epoxy is not a good conductive of heat.
My suggestion:
find better mosfet in the same package or design pcb to use to247 or to220 mosfets.

Hi all, maybe you could try this

Thermoelectric Peltier Refrigeration, maybe better than a huge block of Aluminum :smiley:

Regards Jerry.