What kind of odrive should i buy for both encoder and hall sensor with bldc motor?

hello i have odrive v3.6 but i need to buy more odrive for current project. i have two bldc motors with integrated hall sensor. and i have AMT31 series encoder.(https://www.cuidevices.com/product/motion-and-control/rotary-encoders/commutation/amt31-series)
i found out that odrive v3.6 is not possible for using both sensors. which odrive should i buy for this?
and i don;t wanna repeat encoder calibration every time i reboot odrive. i’m really a beginner… i would really appreciate for your helps.

Hi Kim,

The ODrive v3.6 is end-of-life, I’d definitely recommend switching to the ODrive S1, as long as your bus voltage is 50.5V or below. The AMT31 will be compatible, however for a similar mounting form factor, I’d recommend just using the AMT21 sold in the shop. It comes with a cable harness to connect to the ODrive S1, and is a high-reliability absolute encoder. You won’t even need to use the hall sensors in the first place, and the overall control resolution will be higher than that of combined external incremental + motor hall sensors.