Where is the search?

Sorry but I can not for the life of me find the search for this forum?
Anybody knows what is the max voltage the 24V version can tolerate?
for example if I’m using two 12v SLA batteries in series, but they have been freshly charged they could be floating at 12.8v each and hence is 25.6 enough to damage the odrive?

The colour theme is terrible, especially if you struggle to see low contrast colours and/or your monitor struggles to render them.

The search icon is in dark grey, against a darker grey background, to the left of your user icon at the top right.

Thanks, yes that was the issue, too much glare on my screen, compounded by the terrible contrast of the them.

Also, to answer your question, I believe the main difference between the 24V and 56V boards is these capacitors
They are rated to 25V. 25.6V probably won’t kill them immediately, but it will eventually.
I would recommend the 56V version tbh…


Thank you for the pointer to the location of the forum’s search feature :slight_smile:

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