Which power supply for ODrive S1 and D5312S motor?

I’m a software guy who wants to mess around with some hardware. I’ve decided to try to build a delta robot using 3 ODrive S1s and 3 D5312S motors.

I’m unsure which power supply to buy though. Should it be 12V or 24V? Does the amount of Ampere matter?

I’ve looked at these 2 power supplies:

What would you get?

Based on a similar motor (same size and kv) from Hobbyking, that motor is rated for 8s (33.6v max) and 1000W

For the same power it is more efficient to use a higher voltage power supply because it is less current (the motor will only handle 40a phase current regardless of voltage, so it’s best to have high voltage then gear it for torque)

I would recommend a 24v PSU and get the highest power rating you can up to 3000W depending on your application

Thanks for the guidance :slightly_smiling_face:.

So just to be clear, you’d go for the 24V with as high a power rating as possible. From what I can see most of the 24V PSU’s have a power rating between 240W and 600W.

I’ve found a nice one here running at 24V and 480W: https://www.amazon.de/-/en/Kingwen-Switching-Supply-Adapter-Transformer/dp/B09JLD3NY4/. Does that seem like an ok choice?

What are you using the motors for? Is that enough power for your application?

I know Meanwell has some very good high power 24v PSUs, I am currently using a 48v 2000w unit for my 2x 6354 190kv and 2x 63100 190kv motors

Well, I’m planning on making a delta-robot. So speed is key, but the arms don’t have to lift that much.

Voltage → speed

Current → torque

Please read this: Things in Motion: How to select the right power source for a hobby BLDC (PMSM) motor

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