Will an undervoltage motor still chage a battery?

Sorry if sounds silly.
I want to make a stationary bike to charge batteries. I know Odrive is overkill but its part of a bigger project also using Odrive.
If my generator is spinning at 3000RPM and a Kv of 150 thats only 20volts. If im using the commanded torque mode lower than the system voltage. How will the oDrive slow my motor?

ODrive is basically a big power converter. ODrive will manage the current through the coils to hit the torque target, and dump the generated power back to the bus to be burnt up in the brake resistor as the bus voltage rises. Or you can set an allowed regen current so your battery can charge.

In other words: Yes. The ODrive will effectively step up the voltage from your spinning motor to charge the battery. :slight_smile:

Killer Thanks guys. Any tips for setting up ODrive as a generator only?

Iā€™m curious and registered to follow. I tried an electric recumbent tricycle a few years ago and have idly daydreamed about an all electric power train to get rid of the long chains these bikes have. Being able to simulate a fixed gear bike with any ratio and regenerative braking sounded fun.


@drumlight An electric fixie sounds awesome! Perhaps changes the ratio with wheel speed to keep a good cadence.
I wonder if the ODrive D6374 with gear reduction could be used as a generator.

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It can, some other people have used them in rowing machines and stationary bikes.