Worlds first ODrive powered Robotic Lawn Mower

Maze is out and fixing my lawn. (the small jumps are because of an unfiltered sensor on the cutter motor)

Onedrive link

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Awesome! Thanks for the post!

Thank you!

This also proves the ODrive in fact can drive small current motors! The motors are rated at 1.8 A!

A suggestion for the future, maybe create a smaller ODrive for us with smaller current needs (maybe 10-20 Amps) ? There is a huge market for that.

10-20 is no problem for today’s ODrive but you might want to set motor.requested_current_range to your max amperage or so. That will change the gains on the current shunt ADCs, giving you better resolution. But I’m suprised it works ok with 1.8A, that’s quite low.

I think I already changed that, but will double check… it´s out and mowing at the moment :wink:

It´s a really great controller! Love it.

yep, I had already set it to 2.0 (motor.requested_current_range)

Anything else I can tweak for my low current motors ?