12V only vbus_voltage

Yep, It’s me again with a vbus_voltage problem. This time is strange though.
I had flashed with the proper firmware and configured the odrive for step dir and it was working great. I had it so when I rebooted it would come up and I had step dir control perfectly. Upon a reboot I did not get a beep and the odrive would not initialize. Did some checking to see that vbus voltage was 12V and the live plotter shows 12V and a straight line exactly at 12V. This seems to be a hardware problem, possibly the port on the micro has crapped out. dump errors is all good.

The default value of vbus_voltage is 12, so it probably never configured properly.

Thanks for getting back with me. It was working then it was not working without any changes in between I am pretty sure the port gave up the ghost. I have a couple of Micros on order. I think that will fix it.

I re-flashing 0.5.1 and now i have the problem that the vbus_voltage only give me 12v. how can fix it?