2 encoders per Motor - before & after gearbox - for backlash/stiffness compensation

I’ll be using Odrive motors with 1:80 reduction. Precision after the reduction is key to me and i know that the reduction has some backlash and isn’t perfectly stiff. I wanted to use 2 encoders per motor (4 per Odrive):
first - directly on the motor - for commutation, speed and acceleration control;
second after the reduction for position control
What is the best way to solve this, Is it possible to ad it all on the Odrive, or will I be forced to use an arduino for the encoders after reduction.?
Thanks a lot for your help!

Good topic!

Dual-loop feedback has been my preferred method for 30 years now. The problem with motor-only feedback is that it is no guarantee of the axis position. This would be a very nice feature, indeed.

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Yes. This is an oft-requested option. I will look into it if I get a chance this weekend.


Thanks a lot for your answers, and @Wetmelon keep us up to date with your progress! :wink:

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If your applikation allows it and is linear, maybe you should use linear encoders