24 V Odrive V3.6 does not appear connected

I’ve been working with a 24V ODrive V3.6 for the past week trying to get it to show up in Windows 10 device manager. It hasn’t worked.

I read through the Getting Started and Troubleshooting pages, but nothing there has worked. I read some posts here that were having similar problems and tried following their advice, but it also didn’t work. I read that it might be a firmware issue, so I updated it using Linux.

The device shows up fine when in DFU mode but not in Run mode. I tried using Zadig, as suggested by the troubleshooting page, but it doesn’t show that it is connected.

Any suggestions? I’ve tried so many different methods without luck.

So you flashed the firmware using linux (odrivetool dfu) and that completed successfully? Are you able to see the device in RUN mode in Linux?

I tried connecting it in RUN mode in Linux, but it also did not appear there.

See if you can erase and then flash it again, make sure you get the right .hex file, maybe try the one from github.

I’ll try that from Linux, but this is something we tried doing using STM32CubeProgrammer on Windows. I’m not very experienced with STM32CubeProgrammer, but we previously followed the steps listed in the odrivetool documentation. It just seemed to be repeatedly uploading the same data to the same address without finishing.
I can try it again tomorrow on Linux and see if it has a different result.

@Mikeyy365 this is the second time I’ve seen this reported in short succession. This could be a problem with the manufacturing batch. Could you please email info@odriverobotics.com with your order number and a link to this thread so we can follow up with you?

@Samuel I have also had the same problem with my v3.5. I reflashed the firmware while switched to DFU mode on both windows and linux, but no sign of the odrive on either linux/windows when switched back to Run. Also no sign of the drive in zadig. Can I reach out to you privately to discuss, as I’ve had no luck with the solutions suggested here on the forum or on the discord. Many thanks

@Paul_Lynam Do you mean v3.5 or v3.6? If it’s a v3.5 then that’s probably a different issue but we haven’t sold those for quite a while. If it’s a v3.6 that was ordered recently then yes please email us.

Thanks for the reply Samuel. That’s okay, I have a v3.5 and was expecting the issue to be different, but I’m still wondering can I reach out for support? I’m yet to find a solution to my problem in the forum or discord.

If it’s an ODrive v3.5 it must be fairly old so I think you would have received an STLink/v2 with your ODrive. In this case I would recommend compiling the firmware yourself by following ODrive Firmware Developer Guide — ODrive Documentation 0.0 documentation. You can then check with the debugger if the firmware gets stuck somewhere. However this process is rather involved and unfortunately we can’t provide support for it. In any case, I would suggest making a separate forum thread for your issue.

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