2nd motor stuck in position

I was able to fully calibrate the first motor using the z-index search method, and i’m now trying to get the second motor to work, but i keep getting error 0X1 as axis error, not able to turn the motor, meanwhile motor 0 is working as it should… (both are the same motor, with same encoder)

Edit, i came a bit further by now, and had to do Full calibration sequence first, did full calibration, saved configuration but, it doesn’t save the fact the motor is calibrated (odrv0.axis1.motor.is_calibrated = false), which was true after calibration

So right now it does the index search and closed loop is ok, But, the motor holds position, doesn’t respond to setPosition, and cables are getting hot,

in odrivetool the values for motor 1 are way off from motor 2.

in axis1.motor.current_control Iq Setpoint = -15
while for axis0.motor.current_control iq Setpoint = -0.743543545
This may indicate where the problem is?

Do you run the index search and/or the encoder calibration on every bootup?

I have the same symptoms as above and as this post, though I’m pretty sure my motor is intact.

I can run a full calibration, and the axis will even do a correct homing sequence, but the moment I go into closed loop control the current draw starts increasing, torque disappears and the motor won’t move to position setpoints, and everything gets warm…