3d Printer Linear motor turn based or current based

Linear motor bldc 3 phase.
I’m making my own motor, does anyone know if when designing winding is it turned based like ac, or current based like DC.

try asking this in the magnetics channel of the ODrive Discord, there are lots of people who design motors on there.

I don’t know what ‘turns based’ or ‘current based’ mean, but I’m sure that you want a permanent magnet synchronous motor, not an induction motor, if that helps. :+1:
Also, you want to have sinusoidal back-EMF, not trapezoidal.

I worked it out.
Good to know about the magnet design.

Cool. I’d be interested to see your motor design when you’ve finished it :slight_smile:

Hmm, well this sounds interesting! I’m also looking forward to see your design :+1:

I’ve wound the motor and started a mock up of y axis.
Printed 90 percent of parts.
Just got to do design lay out for linear encoder.