4 motor Skycam Project

Can something like this be done with the Odrive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_uX-zD0mAU
The question is only for the positioning system of the 4 motors, not the camera. Any help will be greatly appreciated, I’m willing to pay for the help. Thank you!


You can’t control 4 motors with one ODrive but actualy you can accomplish this thing with 2 motors

Greetings Stijn

I have been looking at the string actuated robot for some time, the video in your link looks has no kinetic control, which effects vibration on the string.

you can use 8 motors for 6-degree movement control or 4 motors for 3-degree control.

and github has a working matlab model you can try:

Thank you, do you know where I can find help on how to achieve this?

Thank you Einzeln, this is very interesting but using the extra strings from the bottom is not practical for my application, but I guess this system can work, the extra vibration can be minimize with a gimbal.

this project is a huge undertaking, you will need some fat budget to do this.

Hi Einzeln, not sure what you mean by fat budget, this guy has a solution with more than what I need for around $300, my problem is that I’m new to robotics and have no clue how to get what Torbjorn has done and modified to my needs. It will be fun to learn.

A four motor setup with matlab/simulink industrial motor/controller setup from Omron costs 3000USD, not to say alone the proper trained technical personnel and control algorithm programmers.

in the video they used a Marlin based firmware with modified IK to run the G-code for printing. You have a good sense to simplify your problem, but with a camera with proper stabilization, it will be more complicated. when the space you need to cover become huge.

Thank you Einzeln, this comment it 100% more helpful than your previous one at first I understood nothing of what you said, just my ignorance in the subject but after some research on what you said I got some very useful information and I guess I’m on the right track now the matlab/simulink industrial motor/controller looks like is the way to go, I also found an engineer that’s willing to work with me, I’ll be looking at around 15 to 20K for this project, It will be well worth it if does what I want it to do. Thank you!

Hi @nbpfrank, welcome to ODrive Community.

I actually sent Tobjörn some ODrives and motors/encoders, because he was very excited to upgrade from steppers to something higher performance for his hangprinter. I guess he hasn’t had the time to do the switch just yet though.

I think you have a great project and ODrive is well suited for it: I was actually contemplating making a cable robot demo rig when I get the time. I even compiled this playlist for inspiration. You certainly don’t need to run matlab/simulink in realtime to do this, and ODrive can do all the features relevant to this project that an industrial controller can.

You will need to implement the inverse kinematics in the ODrive or on host controller: this can be another microcontroller (including Arduino). If you are interested in discussing further feel free to contact me on the ODrive Discord or by email. We can even offer paid consulting work if you want some more in-depth help with this project.