48 volt 800 w bldc hub motor


I am working on a project which uses a 48 volt 800 w motor .
I a very new to using odrive and am currently evaluating the board to check whether it suits our need. I am using this to develop an autonomous robot . I tried following the suggested documentation for hover board (cause motor is hall sensor based) but was not able to move the motor. I hear a beep sound and it moves for 5 sec when i run on sensor less mode. Also when i try to calibrate the sensor it does it. no error shown when dump_errors command is given.
Please help me with the process.

Sumeet Shekhar
Assistant Manager,
TVS motor Company,
Bengaluru, India.

I would try again with the “hoverboard” guide if it’s hall-effect based. But make sure you use the parameters from your own motor, of course.

Also, check for errors after each step by using dump_errors(odrv0)

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Thanks so much for the recommendation. I tried that several times yet did not worked.
Is it that Odrive are not compatible with 48 volt 800 W bldc hub motors?
Also can you let me know which parameters in hoverboard guide are to be replaced by my motor parameter!
Thank you!

It was the problem of USB cable! and attaching 22nF capacitors between the hall pin and ground!
Problem solved!

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