48V ODRIVE V3.5 - Can it operate above 48V with new caps?

Hi All,

I’m looking at the possibility of using the 48V ODrive V3.5 with a 12S LIPO battery. This would mean a fully charged pack voltage of 50.4V and possibly a bit higher up around 53V.

I did a quick inspection of the board and found that the bulk capacitors on the bottom would be the limiting components as they are rated for 50V. Would replacing those capacitors with 63V variants allow the 48V ODrive to operate above 48V or are there other components that would also need to be replaced?

Any insight would be appreciated - thanks!



Apart from the main bus capacitors, you would also need to upgrade these two types of capacitors:

  • 68nF 0603: C25, C41, C56
  • 4.7uF 0805: C19, C20, C21, C26, C40, C44, C55, C60, C68.

That said, how are you planning to use the batteries? If you are using them for peak load handling, you could simply leave them below 70% SoC.


Hi Oskar,

Thanks for the response - as it stands ODrive 3.5 is great! I’m just looking for the ability to use commonly available 12S LiPos while being able to charge them to 100% SoC and not worry about getting the packs voltage just bellow 48V. Also, do you foresee needing some voltage headroom in the design to allow for voltage spikes due to inductive switching above the nominal bus/battery voltage that could degrade the caps prematurely? I haven’t put a scope probe to the board so this is all just me thinking out loud.

That said, Is there a chance your next rev of the board could feature updated caps to allow for a slightly higher voltage? Would it impact your BOM cost too much?



Yes you will need some headroom. It really depends on the current you use, but about 2V on the 48V version’s capacitors is about right.

Yes I actually want to replace the 48V ODrive with a 56V ODrive (using 60V components and 4V headroom), I just need to find a few spare days to make and test a prototype.


Any news regarding a 56V version?

I am looking to use the ODrive in a 13S (54.6V) application.


No, sorry I haven’t had time to look into it yet.

Same problem here. I have the same battery and 48v version.

To play safe, my plan is to use a voltage regulator

400 watts? That’s a solid 8 amps… that’s a bit low.

there is a 720W version

Ok… ODrive can pull 7200 watts at 48 volts. (48V * 75A * 2). It might work if you’re using very small motors, but keep an eye on that power limit.

You are absolutely right. I am not using the board to its full potential. As a part of a prototype, I only want to use this to drive two hoverboard hub motors, each is rated 350w. Posted here since the regulator may suffice @mosfet’s need.


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Sorry to bring up an old thread but if we wanted to operate at say 60V (16s LiPo), would we need to just replace the main bus caps and these caps:

68nF 0603: C25, C41, C56
4.7uF 0805: C19, C20, C21, C26, C40, C44, C55, C60, C68.