4k Handy Cam / DLSR Gimbal with ODrive

I am planning to make a new gimbal of the video camera.

Last year, I made a gimbal with servo motor for RC.
However, it emitted acoustic noise during rotation and it was not my satisfactory achievement

The gimbals I make are not for keeping the level.
It is a machine that automatically tracks the subject.

This time, I came up with an idea to use ODrive as a new gimbal motor driver, is that appropriate?

And who can tell me which motor is appropriate to use?
The camera mounted on the gimbal is assumed to be SONY FDR - AX700.
The weight of the camera is about 1000 g

We do support gimbal motors in “gimbal mode”, so you could use one of those, or you can use a higher torque motor. That being said, you want a motor with low cogging torque and relatively low speed. You can probably go with a smaller motor than you think, if it’s just going to be swiveling a supported load that’s centered on the point of rotation. We’re just about to bump the switching frequency up to 24kHz (firmware release candidate branch is live), so the noise will drop quite a bit. It will be MUCH quieter than the old RC servo you had.

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When I started this thread, I did not know there was a gimbal motor product.
When I browsed the web the other day, I learned that gimbal motors are sold on iFlight site.
And I chose GBM 5208H - 200T from among them and ordered.

Ok yep, that’s a proper gimbal motor, so you’ll want to run it in the gimbal motor mode rather than the “high current motor” mode.