52V battery, odrive maximum specs

i want to connect 4x12V battery to odrive. It is batteries from UPS(something like that:
https://www.osibatteries.com/p-1291-apc-rbc5-replacement-battery-cartridge-for-ups-system-24v-72ah.aspx ).
When fully charged it is not 48V but around 52V without load.
Under load with motor running it is around 50V.
Is it safe to connect odrive(i have 48V version)? What is odrive maximum specs?
I am testing it already and it is working but i am still thinking if it is right. I just need to be sure for my internal peace(as odrive is little bit expensive for me, i dont want to burn it).
Also if it is not save how to reduce(stabilise) that voltage to 48V with reasonably current(let say 10A)?

thank you

I would recommend that you stop running your bus voltage any higher than 48V. The bus capacitors are only rated for 50V. Running them over that will drastically shorten their life.

The simplest way to keep the bus voltage from going higher than 48V is to use a battery combination that is not capable of that. The more complicated method is to use a DC to DC converter, but that is a fairly advanced configuration that isn’t directly supported by the Odrive at this time.

Hmmmm i did not found any battery with exact 48V, they have still more than 50V when fully charged without load. Same luck with DC to DC converter from 52V to 48V with 10A at least.
I have found one to 36V, do you think that 48V oDrive will work with 36V?

thank you

If you can work with 36V, why not just connect 3x 12V batteries in series?

theoretically i can, but will 48V oDrive work correctly with 36V(or 38V)?

It should: Can I use a 48V ODrive at 12V?

thank you for your help