56V Odrive V3.6 [USB] could not open USB Device error?

I am new to Odrive and Anaconda so I am not sure what is happening and could really use some guidance getting started. Should I avoid using windows to control my Odrive and try to switch to something else?

hi when ı had a same problem ı did make reflash with stm32 and solved my issue

I will try to do this and see if it works. Thank you for the suggestion!

Unfortunately the Duf program is not allowing me to reflash the board properly on windows. So I might have to try a mac.

I have been able to get it to show as Odrive 3.6 Native Interface when I place it into RUN mode, but when I switch it to DFU it comes up as STM 32 BOOTLOADER.

I have basically been following this tutorial to reflash it, but it doesn’t allow me to complete the final step once I get to using the Dfu software.

Yeah that’s normal. You can use STM32CubeProgrammer or you can use Zadig to set the STM32 BOOTLOADER driver to libusb-win32. The newest odrivetool (0.6.3) works really well for flashing too.

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