56V OdriveV3.6 unrecongnized in RUN mode


I currently have a 56V OdriveV3.6 that odrivetool is unable to recognize. On Zadig, on DFU mode, the STM32 BOOTLOADER appears and I have installed libusb-win32 on it. I have been able to reflash the firmware using “odrivetool dfu” on the command line and using an ST-Link/v2. However, when on RUN mode. My computer is unable to recognize the Odrive and no device appears on Zadig.

I have run out of option. Can anyone help me find a possible solution?

When did this issue start to appear? Which firmware version did get flashed when you used odrivetool dfu? Which version of odrivetool are you using?

This issue appeared 6 months ago, we had to put our project on hold to focus on other things, but now we’re back to trying to fix the issue. We were using the latest version of odrivetool 0.6.3 and the latest version of DFU. What other information can I provide you to help you pinpoint the issue?

The firmware version we have is 0.5.4. I have reflashed the board with an ST-Link/V2 six months ago.

Will add more detail twomorrow, odrive is unresponsive in DFU mode with “odrivetool dfu”