6 Axis Robot Arm

I just found this robot arm project. It’s using steppers, but if it used servos it would be even more awesome.

“The AR2 robot is an open source robot project where users can build and create their own 6 axis robot. This robot can currently be 3D printed and build from low cost off the shelf components from vendors such as Amazon, McMaster Carr and Stepperonline. Users can visit the projects Github page https://github.com/Chris-Annin/AR2 to download all software and full sets of instructions for the robot, the wiring harness, electrical enclosure and the travel track. Users can download all the 3D print files to print all the components to make the AR2 robot. This project hopes to bring aluminum parts kits into production so that users have the opportunity to make their own aluminum version of the AR2 robot.”

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