6 ODrives with 6 USB ADUM3160 isolators not all recognized


I dont think this is a problem with ODrives themselves, however I was wondering if anyone encountered the same problem. I’m using rapsberry pi to control 6 odrives through USB. To avoid destrying them through the groundloops I got 6 USB isolators with the ADUM3160 chip. If I connect all of the odrives through the isolators they don’t all get recognized, perhaps 3-5 do it depends. If I just try 3 at the sdame time there is no issue. Same if I connect some odrives through the isolators and some without, it also works. Thus I assume its just problem with the osilators, there are too many ond the bus and it gets confused for some reason. Has anyone encountered this issue?


I don’t have experience using USB-isolators. But just to rule things out, check if your 5V line is dropping, maybe it isn’t powerfull enough.

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thanks for the reply. I think you are right, the 5V dropped the 4.75V. I was using inadequate/too long USB cable to power the rapsberry, with shorter one it recognizes all of them and the drop is better. I could swear I tried it before :slight_smile: Anyway, thanks

Try using a powered usb hub.