A wired problem ,one odrive with one motor working smoothly,but with two is not


i met one fatal problem in my project using odrive v3.4(u8 lite ,as5047p, 22.2v 6s Lipo )

I am using one odrive v3.4 to drive two motors ,calibration is done ,no errors.
but when i set the two exactly the same motor run in low velocity(60 RPM), axis 1(motor 1) is running smoothly and axis 0 (motor 0) is obviously not that smooth .video.

solve(but not successful ):
At first, i thought it’s because of encoder or motor problems ,so i changed their order (axis 1 to motor 0& axis 0 to motor 1),then motor1 is the not smooth one.Therefore, i thought it was odrive problem.
so i change another odrive ,it’s working obviously normal .(parameters are same )

maybe hardware problem?:
i bought the odrive on taobao, but not the same batch. so it’s hardware problem? ,like not reliable capacity or ic chip causing that problem .

Above is all I have met with ,looking forward to your reply,thanks.


ODrive v3.4 have many hardware issues, I would not recommend using it. I would suggest that you get an ODrive v3.5 or v3.6.

Thanks for your prompt reply.
But when i change another odrive v3.6 ,the same problem happened again,What are the other possibilities may casuing this problem,thanks.

Did you also get the v3.6 from taobao?

Yes ,still on taobao,but another manufacturer ,and this problem has been bothering me for a long time.
Do you have any suggestions or experiences to share?

Thanks for everyone’s responding. This problem already solved ,when I set the up limit of the motor current to be larger than the rated value, it will be abnormal. It is OK to change it to the rated current.

BUT still the performance of axis1 is better than axis0(vel and pos),at least ,it works not that abnormal.
IF you have any advice ,i am here to listen ,thanks

Sorry for not buying odrive from Official website duing to some objcetive constrains


I am facing the same problem. after reboot whichever motor is given the velocity first, that motor is only running but the other motor is not running. Basically, I am not able to run two motors simultaneously.