Abs. Position Encoder RLS AksIM 2+

Dear O-Drive Team,

thanks a lot for the great product. I’ve linear actuators with an inverted satellite roller screw gear. The current installed controller is …very bad…, but the housing, motor, actuating mechanism and also the absolute encoder is really good.

According to your documentation, the RLS AksIM-2 is with the PRO version not supported.

The implemented sensor uses RS422; since this is not supported by O-Drive I could replace it with the same sensor, but with SPI output (seems to be available).

Can you give me a hint how difficult, or if this is at all possible (by the O-Drive board)?

I can’t change the sensing method, “AksIM-2™ is a non-contact high performance off-axis absolute rotary encoder designed for applications with limited installation space. The compact, low profile readhead detects and evaluates the magnetic field of a thin, axially magnetized ring”, due to geometrical and mechanical constraints. Maybe there is an identical kind of sensor which can be used with the same dimensions, but already supported?

Thanks a lot for your support in advance,


The AksIM-2 IF configuration settings list almost at any kind of IF RS422.


It seems to be possible to programm the absolute encoder to continous reporting.

Hmmm…maybe it is better to use the SPI option as the RS422 option.

Greets, Tobias

But, it seems that also SPI can only be used in half-duplex with the O-Drive