Acceleration and jerk measurement


I am playing around with a set up (large motor with AS5047 in ABI mode) with a goal of responding to dynamic loads. From this context I am interested in precise and low delay acquisition of acceleration, jerk and impedance. What options do I have? Would I need an accelerometer with wireless data link or just a really good encoder (23bit Tamagawa absolute) with fancy observers/estimators? Had anyone attempted this before?

@Jorge did you get to play with the load observer you proposed in Does Odrive have a load observer + feedforward for compensation of changing loads? ?

If you want a really nice estimate I’d go full Kalman filter with a highly accurate encoder AND accelerometer, ideally. Position is known, velocity can be estimated, torque is proportional to current, and acceleration can be measured by the accelerometer and mixed with the model-based estimation. Jerk can be estimated with a decent model.