Advice on first power supply

Hello all,

I have just purchased an o-drive (56V version) and a motor (D5065 270Kv) + encoder kit.

I still need to purchase a power supply. I don’t really have a first project in mind, the main reason for my purchase was to teach myself how to control a brushless dc motor with an Arduino.

I was wondering if the following power supplies would be good enough for a first test setup?

I am also planning on purchasing another motor in the future so I would like my power supply to be good enough to run both motors at the same time…

I was also wondering if 48 volt dc is dangerous, and if a 24 voltage dc power supply is a more safe option for my first setup?

Any advice is welcome

thank you

Those are the right type of power supply, although the power is quite low for the price.

As far as I know, 48V DC is considered “touch safe”. Depending who you ask and which industry they’re in, the danger starts at 50V or 60V DC. In automotive in the US, the threshold is 60VDC. But you should check your own country’s regulations if you’re worried about it.

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Ok thank you for your help, I will buy one of the power supplies you have suggested!