Advise - Current

Hi Guys,

I need some advise, I have a motor which is rated to 1.8 A, 3000 RPM, geared down to 53 RPM, with integrated hall sensor.
And looking through all settings in the Odrivetool and I find a lot of “current” keywords.

  1. Which commands do a need to set to protect my motor and not go higher than 1.8 A ?
  2. When I lock my motor, what command limits the current ? For example, when my robot stops I want to lock the motors so it´s not free wheeling (for example in a slope). I use the vel_setpoint = 0, this would lock the motor, but with how much amps ?

I use this motor:

Thanks for any input!

Hi Selective,
setting odrv0.axis0.motor.config.current_lim = 1.8 should do the job.
Not sure you can hold position against a load with only a hall sensor though (just a thought, I never tried hall sensors with ODrive)

That motor is not a great fit for a stock Odrive. This is because the Odrive is set up with current sense resistors that are optimised for motors with a peak current in the order of 50A. See the motor guide for some examples.

Therefore you can either try looking for a similar motor that is designed to be used with larger currents or have a go at changing the current shunt resistors on Odrive to meet your needs.

Thank you for your inputs!

Actually, the motors are running just perfect, I´m just worried that something will break in the long run if the current is too strong.