After Fw-update calibration of M0 does not work anymore

Hello all,
After I flashed the latest firmware [0.5.4] on my v3.6-56V the calibration of the motors does not work anymore. I have two identical BLDC motors with integrated Hall sensors installed. In fw-0.5.1 the calibration of both motors worked with the command
After the update this only works for M1.M0 stops after AXIS_STATE_ENCODER_HALL_POLARITY_CALIBRATION
with the error message ‘ENCODER_ERROR_ILLEGAL_HALL_STATE’.
Also the exchange of both motors brings the same result. With identical board I have the same problem.

It probably has something to do with the software, does anyone know how to deal with the issue?

Thanks in advance.

Cheers Manuel

Try setting encoder.config.hall_polarity_calibrated = True before running the calibration.