Anticogging in current control mode

Would anticogging work in current control mode?

To clarify: I’m looking to smooth out the torque due to cogging, and I thought that adding up the anticogging values and the commanded current could potentially result in smoother torque delivered.

I’m not looking for precise position hold.

Is this something that could potentially have any benefit?

(FWIW I’ve seen this question but there’s not much info in it)

Yes, it works in all modes (but not voltage mode or Sensorless mode).

Thank you.

A slightly irrelevant question. Is your RazorsEdge branch part of the official ODrive dev cycle, i.e. does/should madcowswe/devel get stuff from there?

I get stuff from madcowswe/devel. All of the content in the RazorsEdge branch comes from pull requests that are waiting on someone to review and merge them into devel, I just got tired of waiting and made my own branch lol

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