Current Control and Cogging

I am working on a robot, where I ideally need to use torque (current) to control the torso angle. It works okay, however there is very clear cogging as the motor tries to hit a specific angle. This leads to the PID controller going up and down between the cogging positions and not hitting the setpoint The reason why I cannot use position control is that the robot needs to control its body pitch while it’s moving forward. (Picture attached)

Is there a way to remove the cogging while in current control mode? As in use the anticogging feature that @Wetmelon developed?



No, constant current is going to cog, you have to add the smarts and a sensor to be able to work around that.

how about measuring the angle between the arm and a pendulum hanging straight down.

The anticogging is only a proof of concept right now, I wouldn’t recommend using it yet.

For now you could make a tighter feedback between (body angle, body angular rate) and the torque to hold it in place tighter.

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Thanks, will do. I will make sure to post the completed robot in a month or two