Anyone have experience with an ST-LINK/V2 (not the cheao one)

Anyone have any experience using this kind of stl programmer.

I have tried in windows with th ST-LINK Utility. choosing all kind of different option in the Target>Settings menu.
have connected the pin7 on the programmer with the SWD on the ordive, and pin9 with the SWC. i have both tried to power from power supply and from the programmer itselt.
I have also tried connecting the pin 15 (NRST) to the nRST on the odrive while programming, stil no luck
but it keeps saying
“Can not connect to target!”
And then some advice of what to try next, which doesn’t help anything.

I have also tried the openocd in linux but still no success.

Anyone have some good ideas on how to get this working?

I had similar problems and what finally worked was connecting pin7 as SWD and pin9 as SWC as you say and pin15 to nRST, externaly powering it and connecting pin1 to 3v3 as this is needed for it to measure and verify the voltage.

Good luck


And ground of course

Second edit:
I used it in linux and just ran “make flash”

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You my good sir, are my hero. Thanks a lot.

A side node, it’s possible to program without external power if you connect pin 19 to pin 1 or 2.