Arduino Code in plain English

odrive.SetParameter(motor, odrive.PARAM_FLOAT_CURRENT_CONTROL_CURRENT_LIM, 10.0f); // [A]
odrive.SetParameter(motor, odrive.PARAM_FLOAT_VEL_LIMIT, 20000.0f); // [counts/s]
odrive.SetParameter(motor, odrive.PARAM_FLOAT_POS_GAIN, 20.0f); // [(counts/s) / counts]
odrive.SetParameter(motor, odrive.PARAM_FLOAT_VEL_GAIN, 15.0f/10000.0f); // [A/(counts/s)]
odrive.SetParameter(motor, odrive.PARAM_FLOAT_VEL_INTEGRATOR_GAIN, 0.0f/10000.0f); // [A/(counts/s * s)]

Hello. I am trying to understand each of the code lines above to see what they do and how the motor gets affected when a change is made to any or to all of them. I left the current lim because I also posted a question related to power.

Thanks so much

Have you had a look at the tuning parmeters section of the documentation?