Arduino Commands Syntaxes

Do someone know how can I “use” certain commands about Arduino?

For example: I would like to run this meaning command on Arduino: dump_errors(odrv0, True) or odrv0.axis0.encoder.set_linear_count(0).
I tried these mods but it answer:

So the question, how can I use those type commands like these?


There is no dump_errors command in the ASCII protocol - the dump_errors command is a kind of macro within odrivetool which actually reads and decodes values from each of axis0.error, axis0.motor.error, axis0.encoder.error, axis0.controller.error, axis1… etc.
Therefore in the ASCII protocol, you need to do something like “r axis0.error” and decode the value according to the error enums.

This is sad but your solution is working. Thank you.
Any tip to set_linear_count(0)?

set_linear_count is available as the command esl <axis> <value> on the devel branch and will be included in the next release

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