Arduino control

Hi, I am having issues when trying to control my motors via Arduino. I have 2 x 4108 380kv motors attached to an odrive and 4000cpr encoders. Everything works fine when I control them via the odrivetool - (i did have to change the calibration current to a lower value to get them to do their calibration sequence, I changed from 10A to 5A). However the issue arises when i try to send the calibration command from the arduino to the odrives. the motors just click and I get the phase resistance error. but if i jump to odrivetool and calibrate them it works fine and then i can send position commands through the arduino serial monitor.
Im wondering if when I send commands to them via arduino does it override the config stored on the odrive? I cant figure out why this would happen as its essentially the same command, just sent via a different interface. Thanks in advance for your help!

Ah I have finally figured it out. Im no coding genius, but the issue was when I entered “0” or “1” it ran straight through all the commands and didn’t have enough time to complete any of the commands. i commented out the encoder offset and closed loop sections and changed motor calibration to a full calibration and that worked fine. I guess ill leave this up here in case anyone else runs into this problem.